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Should I Hire a Wedding Planner

Many of today’s brides and grooms have a very busy life.  We know that our wedding day will probably be the most important day in our lives, and we are excited about planning the “perfect wedding.”  However, there are so many things to do with planning a successful wedding, we have a choice to make, do the research and work ourselves or hire a professional wedding planner.  There are usually about fifteen suppliers to negotiate with.

A wedding planner is also referred to as a “Bridal Consultant.”    This field has grown so much over the years that many colleges offer courses that will enable someone to obtain a certification from the “Association of Bridal Consultants.”

As with most of life’s decisions, hiring a wedding planner has both positive and negative aspects.  A professional wedding planner can help you navigate through the various mazes.

One of the major advantages of hiring a wedding planner would be their professional contacts such as photographers and florists.  You would most likely get excellent service since the professional will want recommendations from the wedding planner in the future.  The planner might be able to negotiate a better price and would be an additional resource in case there is a problem.  The wedding planner would also have contacts for invitations, bands, wedding dresses, etc.

The wedding planner could use their experience and expertise to assist you in making important decisions concerning flowers, invitations and thank you cards, food and liquor selection and limousine service. They would be helpful recommending floral themes and seating guests at the affair.   

Often there are conflicts between the families or the child and their parents.  The wedding planner could be an impartial influencer helping to keep peace.  The wedding planner, without being personally involved, would also be able to help you make better impartial decisions.

On your wedding day, the planner would iron out last minute details.  She would work with the photographer to be sure the pictures you asked for are taken; special meals are served to the right guests and free you to enjoy your own wedding.

By hiring a wedding planner you would loose the “personal touch.”  The two families would not be as involved in helping the couple plan the important day.   Some of the original decisions by the bride and groom would change.   The wedding could turn into an ordinary simply affair, “cookie cutter” type wedding.  Some wedding planners will be too opinionated.  They would believe they know what’s best since they are the professional.  You want constructive criticism, but it is your wedding and you have the final say.

The wedding planner is a paid profession, and as such, would not have the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that the couple, their friends and families would have.  And of course, wedding are very expensive.  The wedding planner’s fee would just add to your expenses.

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