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We have all been at weddings that have bands or DJs and can remember good ones and ones we would rather forget. We can all remember dancing at weddings and not being able to dance to whatever that was that was supposed to be music. We can remember the music being so loud you have no idea what the person next to was named or was saying. But how do you go about finding a band to play at a wedding if you don’t know someone that plays in a band or is a DJ and do not know someone that knows someone.

Been to any weddings lately that you liked the band or DJ? You can ask the bride or groom for the name and phone number of that group. Most bands bring business cards with them.  If you type in “Wedding Bands”, you get selections on men’s wedding bands in a variety of styles and metals, platinum and diamond wedding bands, wedding and engagement rings, etc. Obviously this wasn’t going to work. How about adding a comma and the word “music”? Bingo. Besides a few sites that still mention rings, there were choices for music and entertainment.

I was surprised by the first choice that advised they would play throughout the US and Canada. I was intimidated by the thought that this must be a really big operation that can cover the US and Canada; they even had a booking agent. Probably very expensive and something I would not be interested in.

Next was a choice that stated they would play in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.  OK, closer to home (I live in New York) and not as large as the first but how do you know if they are any good? They have a picture of the band; they look nice but how do you know if they are any good?  Ah ha, you can listen to them and they have references from recent brides; isn’t the internet wonderful? 

I listened to the music, nice. I read the references, well. I saw pictures of recent wedding couples, I don’t think I would want to be used as a promotion but se la vie. They even list the song list based on type of music you prefer; wow. I mentioned all this to my daughter and she said “or you can see bands in action at live wedding receptions at the catering halls”. Yes, I guess that would work also.

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