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Wedding Day Themes

The romance is in the air during the month of February. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to join in holy matrimony. A white dress with a heart shaped neckline will build on the romantic atmosphere of the day. If you’re feeling a little bolder you can add a touch of red enhancing that loving feeling. Of course you could go even a step further and present yourself in a red silk gown for that special day. Whatever you choose the décor of the day will be one to fall in love with.

The days of King Arthur were unique times. You can get inspiration from the merry men of Sherwood when jousting and chivalry were still alive and well. Escape in the days of the Renaissance Era when even the art was given a romantic tone.  The paintings of Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo will give you insight into the style of the time and a prelude to this mythological theme.

The Roaring 20’s challenged Victorian attitudes. To accent this theme a bride might wear a dress with an intermission style hemline. This would make the dress shorter in the front and giving a slight dip in the back. A pleated skirt would also be fitting for this theme.

A walk on the beach on a midsummer’s evening is definitely held in high esteem with romance. A Midsummer Wedding can carry the same tone. Summer is the most popular season of all for weddings. The accent of the warm sunshine and pretty flowers add to a delightful atmosphere. Even the fabric of the dress has an uplifting tone, such as that given if chiffon is used. Decorating it with silk roses, and perhaps attaching fresh flowers to the neckline give it a delicate feel. Flowers can set a theme of their own. For example, rose are a very tradition wedding flower. However, sunflowers emphasize a more modern summer wedding.

There are many themes to choose from. You may wish to personalize your special day even more by creating a theme significant to you and your fiancé. With technology becoming more affordable it is more common than ever for couples to first meet online. Therefore the internet has become a gracious part of their lives. To reward the thought they might choose a theme directed toward cyberspace. What a remarkably romantic and memorable atmosphere that would be.

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