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Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity Weddings have always fascinated people.  Whether it is Hollywood celebrities, musical stars, royalty, sports superstars, or the very rich, people always want to hear the love stories.  There are also exciting marriages between people from different celebrity backgrounds.

One of the first storied Hollywood weddings was the marriage of Doug Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.  When the two stars met in 1916, it was love at first sight.  Unfortunately, Douglas and Mary already had spouses.  They had an affair for a few years.  Due to their superstar status, there ere instances where they were able to spend a great amount of time together.  The duo, along with Charlie Chaplin was recruited by the US government in 1917 to sell Liberty Bonds to help pay for WWI.  They spent large parts of the next year touring the country.  In 1920 Fairbanks and Pickford left their spouses and had a very small intimate wedding.  Not surprisingly, their fans were thrilled.  They were dubbed the “King and Queen of Hollywood.”  Douglas gave his new wife a huge estate (“Pickfair”) as a wedding gift.

It is quite common for movie stars to have many marriages and to marry celebrities from other occupations.  Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe tied the knot on January 14, 1954.  Only six people attended the ceremony including one of Joe’s brothers.  Surprisingly, Marilyn wore a conservative dark brown suit and Joe wore a dark blue navy suit with the tie he wore on the couple’s first date.  Over 100 photographers waited outside hoping to get pictures of the newly married celebrities.

After divorcing Joe, Marilyn married another famous man from a different entertainment field, playwright Arthur Miller.  In 1956, the couple had two ceremonies, civil (in White Plains, NY) and religious.  Marilyn (a convert to Judaism) and Arthur were married again in a Jewish ceremony, this time in Connecticut in a ceremony attended by many of the couples close friends.   The famous acting professor, Lee Strasberg, gave the bride away.

The Royal Wedding of the Century happened on July 29, 1981.  Prince Charles married his love, Princess Di in a “small” wedding attended by over 3,000 guests.  In the age of TV, more than 1/2 billion more watched the Celebrity Wedding live at home.  The religious ceremony occurred in St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Princess Di wore an antique lace gown created by David Emmanuel and his wife Elizabeth.

Some Hollywood celebrities prefer large public wedding covered by the press.  In 1999, “Friends” star Courtenay Cox and actor David Arquette married at a Celebrity Wedding of approximately 250 people.  In attendance were the other members of the cast of Friends, Brad Pitt and many other high profile celebrities.  Courtney’s wedding gown and David’s morning coat were both created by the world famous designer Valentino.  The affair included celebrity impersonators of such comedic stats as Lucy and Desi.  Their guests had a choice of lobster or steak for their main course.

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