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The Wedding Night

When the last stanzas of the wedding march have faded away, and the bride places her hand in that of the bridegroom and pledges herself as his wife; emotion swells within family and friends, eyes become watered, hearts fill with joy. For a brief moment, the mood is solemn but as the marriage is pronounced, sighs of relief and awe can be heard.


There is to be had, one more solemn moment. When the last kisses have been given between family and friends and the last grain of rice has been thrown upon the newly wedded pair; the young girl who has never been locked in a room alone with a man delivered by her own innocent and pure affection; now finds herself in quivering earnest.


To the average young girl the euphoria felt from the events of the day can quickly turn into terror if the idea of intimacy is breeched in a demanding manner. Yet, if approached with patience in a gentlemanlike context, the mood will be relaxed and enjoyed by both.


Adorning the bedroom with romantic enhancement will also compliment your first night. Candles, satin, lace, incense, fresh flowers and music are some of the elements of creating a romantic bedroom.


1) Red candles. The candles imply sexual attraction, love, vigor, health, and the color of life. A positive response will be given each time these candles are lit.


2) Pink candles. These candles give a meaning of affection, honor, success, and conquering of evil. These candles set the right tone for those cuddly moments in your life.


3) White candles. White is the color for purity, truth, realization of one’s personal abilities, and spiritual strength. These candles in union with the red enhance the atmosphere for romance.


Since candles are significant to the element of fire, they will invoke passion and desire. Place these candles in appropriate places. Incense is another great addition to creating a romantic bedroom. Satin sheets are not only attractive; they are sensual against the skin and are a compliment to this memorable night. Flowers are not only pleasant to look at but they fill the room with a fresh and natural aroma. Finally, soft and romantic music playing in the background completes the aura of love.

You’ve both just shared in the most erotic day of your lives and this will give you common ground to initiate romantic conversation. Holding your lover close and reminiscing over the events will surely warrant further affection to be shared.


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