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Doing your own wedding flowers

There are many reasons that people would be interested in doing your own wedding flowers. One reason could be to save money, another because it interests you. No matter what the reason is creating your own flower arrangement can be both frustrating and fun. It is all about the planning and being practical about the degree of your plan.

There are many books and magazines in which you can get ideas from, not including all the resources you can get from the internet. What you will need to do first is choose the color scheme in which you plan to create the arrangement. It is best to stick with the colors of the wedding. Then you will need to decide on how many bouquets or arrangements you will need. Are you going to only make yours, or make the bridesmaidís bouquet, and the table centerpieces? Are your flowers going to be real or artificial?

Collecting the supplies you will need and placing them in a box so that you can keep all the floral supplies together. You will want to include clippers, knives, gloves, rose strippers, wire floral tape, oasis and floral preservatives along with ribbon, pins, corsage pins, vases and whatever else you feel you may need.

Do at least one or two practice runs with flowers before you make the bouquet you want to use for your wedding. The bouquet will be the hardest of the wedding flowers to complete. The other arrangements should not be very difficult at all as it is mostly about arrangement. When you complete practice runs, this will help you determine how many flowers you are really going to need. You will also know exactly how much ribbon and other items you will need to complete the project.

Plan on keeping your flowers refrigerated in order to maintain freshness. You will need to have a number of large buckets available to keep flowers in water. Using very tall construction type buckets usually available at any home improvement store will insure that your flowers will last.

Do as much as you can before hand so that you have less to do. Make bows, collect vases and candles, print wedding programs and put together favors many weeks ahead of time. Get help from your friends, neighbors and anyone else who you can trust to help you get things done.

The hardest part of the project may be finding the wedding flowers. There are many places that you can find flowers, be sure to check local nurseries, and flower shops. Most of the time, if these stores do not have what you are looking for they will be able to tell you where you can find what you need.

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