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Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells are a symbol of the job and happiness of the occasion.  Wedding bells are made from different substances, from the traditional silver or gold or crystal. Besides being a beautiful entertaining decoration, today’s wedding bells have multiple purposes.

Wedding bells are often found at Christian weddings.  There main purpose is to announce to the world the happy occasion with a pleasant sound.  The church bell is usually rung to announce the wedding to the town.  Many people look at the wedding bells as a smaller version of the church bell.

Wedding bells are sometimes used as a place card holder.  It creates a good feeling to find your name with your table number held or attached to a wedding bell.  Wedding bells can also ring in the sound of love.  They can be used as a “kissing bell.”  This is a nice touch and a much nicer sound that will replace the spoon or fork against a glass when the guests want to see the bride and groom kiss.

There are many different sizes, styles and shapes of wedding bells.  One of the common ways to personalize the bells is by the ornament at the top of the bell.  The top of the bell can be shaped like a bride and groom, it can have a heart to symbolize the love between the happy couple, or a cross to signify the union is recognized by the church.

There are some unique ideas for wedding bells.  You can get a Tie-On Wedding Bell.  Your guests will have the bells with them throughout your wedding without having to carry them around.  Another interesting bell is the Bubble Bath Wedding Bell.  This bell combines bubble bath with a wedding bell.  It’s a great remembrance for your guests, especially when they are relaxing in a bubble bath.

You can also purchase customized weeding bells which can be imprinted with your name and the date of the wedding.  Different colors are available to match you wedding motif.  Some people choose different fonts to personalize the wedding bells.  You can also have the wedding bells made with different chimes or sounds.  Options include very soft chimes to bigger bells with much louder sounds.

If you are looking to save money and have extra time, you can buy plain wedding bells and add your own decorations. Also for your convenience, there are many online sites available with a variety for sale.

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