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Wedding cameras have become very popular.  While the professional photographer will take superior mostly posed pictures, your guests can take many more pictures and get some great candid shots.  Often some of the best and most memorable photos from your wedding will be taken by your guests.

It will take many months for you get your pictures and albums from your professional photographer.  The pictures from the wedding cameras will be ready in days.  It’s also helpful to have a friend or relative who has a good camera to take pictures in case something happens to the professional pictures.

Wedding cameras usually cost between $5 -15 each.  You will also have to pay for developing the film.  The wedding cameras I have seen were 35 mm and disposable.  It is important for the disposable wedding camera to have continuous flash so no important pictures are missed.   The cameras should be good for indoor or outdoor use. A quality camera will include a table card with operating instructions for your guests.

You can order in stock wedding cameras in colors such as silver or gold, or with white hearts and pink hearts, or decorated with floral patterns or roses.  Cameras also come with themes such as “Our Wedding Day,” or with a Bride and Groom.  For an additional fee, you can get your cameras personalized.  You can even have the color of the camera match your wedding colors.  Other options include a picture of a champagne bottle or a wedding ring.

A great remembrance is to have the couples first name and wedding date printed on the camera.  Another option is to have a poem printed on the camera. Some couples want a camera with lucky four leaf clovers.  The wedding lace camera is a perfect fit for your beautiful wedding.  You might also want a camera to show people where you are going on your honeymoon such as the Paradise Island camera. They also sell wedding cameras with fantasy characters such as Cinderella or Snow White to remind you of your Fairytale Wedding.

You can save a few dollars if you purchase a re-conditioned disposable camera.  They tend to come in simpler designs.  But since these are disposable cameras anyway, the cameras will be not being returned when they are brought in to be developed. If you are willing to spend some extra money, you can rent digital cameras for your wedding for as low as $20.  These cameras need to be returned and are typically not personalized for your wedding. Great camera options are easily accessible online.

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