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Choosing your Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make.  You want to have good weather so most weeding are planned either for June or October. The middle of winter could cause you to miss you own wedding if there is a snow storm.  The middle of summer is difficult because the heat and humidity makes it very uncomfortable for the bride and men wearing jackets and ties. Summer can be especially brutal in the south.  And rain will really dampen your wedding so try to avoid April showers.  The best months to plan weeding are typically June or October with also September or May the next most common months.


One of the harder choices is whether to plan your wedding around a holiday weekend.  Many people plan vacations around Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends so you might lose guest or force people to change their plans.  But, if you are having a lot of people come in from out of town, the extra day off for the holiday will let them save a vacation day or visit longer with friends and family after your wedding.  Also, you are likely to find cheaper rates during holiday weekends.  Also mothers day and fathers days would be especially difficult for friends to come to your wedding and could cause conflicts with their families.


You want you wedding day and future anniversaries to be very special so many people try to avoid family birthdays or days near a parents or siblings anniversary.  You might also wish to avoid unhappy days such as death of close family members or friends.


Another hard decision will be whether to have your wedding on a Saturday or a Sunday.  Do you choose a day wedding to save some money or a night wedding where your guests will be more in a festive mood?  A Saturday night weeding is the most traditional and lends itself to the most relaxed time since people won’t have to get up for work the next day.  But you might have to give up having your wedding at the “place of your dreams” and find a cheaper place if you stick to the idea of a Saturday night.


Certain wedding dates will be unavailable due to your religion.  Days typically avoided are Easter Sunday and Christmas for Christians avoid Easter Sunday and Christmas, on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Jewish people and the sacred months of Muharram and Ramadan usually are avoided by Muslims.


You will also want to talk with both sets of parents when selecting the date.  Planning the wedding will be stressful enough, causing conflicts with your parents or future in-laws because of the date will not help create a festive mood.


Plan your wedding around a date that works best for you, but be conscious of your immediate family and friends’ individual situations.  You can’t always please everyone connected with your wedding but sometimes you can make a small adjustment and have an important guest attend.

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