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Wedding Gifts

When you are invited to a wedding you have to decide whether to purchase a gift or give cash.  If you decide to buy a gift, you have up to one year after the wedding to send the gift.  There could be some regional traditions you will want to find out about.  For example, the tradition in Oregon is to have a gift table at the wedding reception.  In Maryland gifts are sent to the couple's home.  Some cultures have traditions you will want to respect.  The traditional Chinese wedding gift is money placed into a red envelope

One of the easiest ways to select a wedding gift is to check out the bridal registry.  Always remember to get a gift receipt. If you would like to get the newlyweds a romantic gift you might send them on a dinner cruise, a spa package for two, or professional dance lessons.  If the couple enjoys fine wines and champagne, a personalized bottle would be a great gift.  Paying for the newlyweds to enroll in the wine of the Month Club would let your gift last a long time.  A wine rack would also be an appropriate wedding gift.

Other gifts include jewelry boxes, stemware (wine or champagne glasses) and picture frames.  You can personalize some of the gifts such as the wedding invitation matted in a picture frame, a pillow with a picture of the happy couple or a personalized door mat.  You can also have a quilt customized with pictures of the bride and groom.

Often a gift from a prestigious store such as Tiffany’s is something greatly appreciated.  Newlyweds typically do not have extra money to spend on these types of luxury items.  Crystal cake plates, or bowls or platters, or a ceramic pitcher or vase will bring joy for many years.

A novel idea would be a bible engraved with “Our Family Heirloom Holy Bible.”  This is a great way to start a new life together.  You might want to get the couple a statue of Jesus or if they are Jewish, a Mezuzah for their front door. Wedding clocks are a great keepsake.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.  Other household wedding presents are engraved napkin rings or candle sticks.

A useful idea that might make the newlyweds life easier and help them avoid fights is to by them a Roomba Vacuum.  The house would get vacuumed and cleaned with very little energy from he couple freeing them for other things.  Starting a new household, a cookbook for newlyweds could come in very handy. With so many different items to choose from, it’s important to know the tastes of the bride and groom to pick out the perfect wedding gift.

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