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The key to a successful wedding is planning. There is a long list of services you have to arrange and decisions to be made.  That’s one of the primary reasons many people are hiring a wedding planner.

One of the first decisions you will make is the wedding date.  While you will have a date in mind, you will need to consider the availability of the church/chapel, priest/minister and catering hall.  The cost of the catering hall will differ greatly for a Saturday vs Sunday wedding as well as day versus night.  The approximate number of guests is important to ensure the room will be comfortable for your wedding.  The menu will also be a great influencer on the cost.  Will you have a sit down affair where people are served or offered an entrée choice at a buffet?  Liquor is extremely expense.  Will there an open bar?  To save money, some people have an open bar during the cocktail hour and then a pay bar during dinner.  You may prefer to order a wedding cake from a bakery instead of using the catering hall.

Now that the date, time and place are set, you can choose and order your invitations.   When deciding on a response date, you might want to leave yourself enough to mail a second round of invitations in case you receive more rejections than you anticipate.  If you are happy with printing of the invitations, you probably will want to use the same company for your thank you cards.

One of the most difficult decisions will be picking out your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  You’ll want your wedding dress to be perfect and leave enough time between the final fitting and the wedding in case you need one more alteration.  To find a bridesmaid dress that will be flattering for all members of your wedding party is often very difficult.  On the other hand, selecting tuxedos is usually fairly easy.  If a male member of the wedding party lives out of town, you might want to use a national chain so he can have a fitting near where he lives.

Other arrangements which need to be made are a florist, photographer, limousine service and band/deejay.  I would recommend asking friends, family and colleagues for recommendations.  With the band and the florist, you should be able to see them at work and judge their skills.  A photographer will be able to show you at your convenience their examples of their work.

You’ll also need to arrange for the bride’s appointment with a hairdresser and for her make-up.  Often the mother of the bride uses the same salon to help with logistics on the wedding day.

Planning the table arrangements can be very difficult.   Its best to work with both sets of parents to avoid family squabbling.  You will need to get and fill out placecards and many people also provide wedding bells.  One interesting option is to order wedding bells which will hold your placecard.  Another nice touch is wedding camera so guests can take so great candid shots.  You’ll also want to get gifts for the Best Man and maid of Honor. And of course, don’t forget to plan your honeymoon. Once the weeding is over, the bride and groom will need time to relax and enjoy life.

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