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Wedding Songs After The Ceremony

Your new life started with a kiss and now it is time to celebrate its beginning. The activities which take place after the ceremony are just as essential to your wedding day planning needs. Accompaniment should be significant to the particular event of the time and of course be held in theme to the significance of the meaning of love.

The practice of throwing the garter stemmed from the superstition that whoever “won” the bride’s garter would be guaranteed the faithfulness of the woman he loved. Opinions may vary as to the most suitable music style but at this point; I think it’s safe to have a little fun. Thus, Cyndi Lauper’s girls just want to have fun would be fitting.

Again we follow tradition with the tossing of the bouquet. It’s significant to the single quests and it’s believed that the winner of this toss will be the next to get married. A musical selection with playful energy would be fitting here as well.

Wedding dinner music should be kept in soft and elegant manner. Your quest will be more focused on the social aspects of the day and might be thought of as the prelude to the celebrations.

Introduction the now married couple is a highlighted event and your choice of music should be suited to its climax. Etta James has appropriated weddings for years and years and you might find her song “At Last” to be memorable in essence with this event.

If you choose music for the cake cutting event you may want to step up the atmosphere a little from where you left it at dinner. Sonny and Cher’s. I

Got You Babe is said to be seen in approval.

While it might be significant to the guest, the father/daughter dance is a very intense event. Though the relationship between mother and son might be just as close relation, father and daughter relations have a more emotional bearing when it comes to letting go. Daddy’s little girl is now a married woman and her husband now gains the caretakers role. The song you select for this dance should represent the undying unity of the man who has held you till now. Butterfly Kisses is a favorite in this highly emotional phase.

The couple’s first dance is viewed by all in defining the day as a whole. Garth Brooks has been a huge favorite in modernized times. His song, The Dance, holds the memory forever.

Along with all the romantic hype comes a load of fun. Congo dancing is a way to get your guest fully involved in all the fun. All will enjoy the Cha Cha Slide.

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