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Tennessee Honeymoon


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Some of the best honeymoon locations are in Tennessee. If your idea of a romantic honeymoon does not include a beach and island resort but, a warm and cozy mountain top with roaring fire and bear skin rug, then your best honeymoon locations are in Tennesee. Tennessee is one of the most scenic states and they have a plethora of things to do. The wonderful spacious cabins that are back dropped by the majestic mountains are absolutely breathtaking. You can not get any more romantic than this great state of Tennessee. It truly is one of the best honeymoon locations to choose!

Play and Rest

Among the beautiful scenery is a great array of things to do while you are there.  The most famous place to visit would definitely be Dollywood; one of the best honeymoon locations for mountain lovers. This is one of Tennessee’s great attractions. Not only can you visit the many events and shows, you can also visit their rides and attractions. You can even catch some of the great festivals available throughout the year. The festivals are some of the South’s largest festivals. They include; The Festival of Nations, Kidsfest, BBQ and Blugrass, national Gospel and Harvest Celebration, and the famous Smokey Mountain Christmas Festival. Dollywood is one of the best honeymoon locations to visit in Tennessee.

After you have decide to spend your romantic honeymoon in Tennessee, you will want to definitely stay in a cabin on the mountain. Imagine waking up every morning and looking out to the valley below. The cabins are absolutely beautiful and depending on the time of year, the rates are too! One of the best honeymoon locations in the south.

Tennesee Mountains

Tennessee is one of the best honeymoon locations. It offers a great array of things to do and places to stay. The people are so great to meet. Dollywood offers you a wonderful amount of events and attractions to keep you busy during the times that you are not in your romantic cabins. Five of the best and largest festivals in the South are hosted here. You can get great rates for certain times of the year.

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