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Interesting Honeymoon Ideas

There are some really interesting honeymoon ideas out there. While you and your honey are busy planning your upcoming wedding, you will also need to consider where you plan to go on your honeymoon. With so much of your time taken up with wedding flower, candles, ceremony plans, and of course, the cake, you need to some honeymoon ideas that will make all the stress go away. From warm sunny beaches to the romantic nights through your favorite city, there is nothing as romantic as honeymoon ideas with that off the wall flair. The most unique idea for your honeymoon has to be the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. Once you see the lights reflecting off the crystal clear walls and the romantic carvings, you will know that you have arrived in the most beautiful place in the world.

Snuggle Quality

The Ice Hotel in Quebec Canada offers very unique honeymoon ideas for that special couple. Get out your sleeping bags for a truly opportunity to sleep on a bed of solid ice. If warm and sunny is not for you then this is the right spot. Not only can you marvel at the magical ice creations, you can enjoy many other creative events to keep you busy. It is also a great wedding idea. You can have your ceremony in a room made totally of ice with a pipe organ playing music that is also made of ice. If Canada does not tickle your fancy, there are as many as five more around the world. Many more are planned for the future visits and become some of the best honeymoon ideas ever.

1.        Quebec, Canada

2.        FairBanks, Alaska

3.        Jukkasjarvi Sweden

4.        Kemi, Finland

5.        Kangerlussuag, Greenland

The links to these amazing ice hotels are listed here. You can see for yourself the magical and mystical wonders that await every couple. You can browse the full features offered by these hotels. The five listed below really do classify as some of the best honeymoon ideas you can come up with. It is well worth your time and effort to try these unique options. Who would have thought of such a great idea as ice hotels. Top to bottom these hotels are absolutely wonderful to see, especially at night.

Grab Your Snow Shoes

While you are panning your whole wedding and honeymoon, you will need some honeymoon ideas to mull over. Your honeymoon should be a relaxing and fun time for the both of you. It should be a truly unique experience for you. Honeymoon ideas come in all shapes and forms and this particular ideas is formed in ice. The Ice Hotel in Canada has to be the best of the honeymoon ideas. From the ice beds to the ice walls, you will surely have plenty of reasons to snuggle with you honey. You can brag to everyone about this fairy tale trip to the ice castle of your dreams. As honeymoon ideas go, you will be loved by all for this one.

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