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Honeymoon Packing Tips

This top 10 honeymoon packing list is based on the essentials of packing and especially packing for your honeymoon. These are top10 honeymoon packing guidelines to help you get your thinking in the right place. This top 10 honeymoon packing tips list will help you to remember a little easier.

Top 10 Honeymoon Packing Tips

1.   Luggage - The type of luggage you choose is just as important as the things that are in it. Choose new luggage that is durable. You want it to get there in one piece.

2.   Rollers – Try to find luggage with wheels. This will be a blessing to you when you are getting off the plane after a 12 hour flight. Who wants a sore back for their honeymoon?

3.   Weather – You will need to make sure that you are bringing the right clothes for the right weather. Shorts in Alaska are not exactly the top of the line in seasonal wear there. Dress according to the climate.

4.   Dressing Up –. You will want to bring a nice evening dress for the lady and jacket and tie for the gentlemen for that romantic dinner for two.

5.   Pack Separate –Each of you should pack your own separate bag. Putting extras in each others bags will ensure that if you loose one bag, you will have at least one change of clothing in the other one.

6.   Heavy items – You may find that shipping your heavy items ahead of time by a reliable shipping company may be a good idea. Contact the hotel to expect their arrival. Most large hotels will accommodate you.

7.   Copies Are Good- Make copies of all important cards and papers you are taking with you. You keep one and give one to someone you trust.

8.   Gifts – It is a great way to start your honeymoon off right with a little gift for each other. It is also fun to see just how long it takes them to find it.

9.   Carry On – Make sure to talk to the airline and find out about the correct size and weight of the carry on luggage they allow. You will want to be sure that it is right so you can ensure that you will be able to take it with you.

Essentials – Make sure that you pack an essentials bag with things lilke toothbrushes and shampoos. Be sure that you treat yourself to samples of a more expensive brand than you are used to. It will make your trip even more special with little bits of extra pampering for yourself.

Time To Go

These top 10 honeymoon packing tips are great to get you started. It will make your ahead of time packing easier. Start with a good set of luggage and go from there. Short of carrying everything yourself this top 10 honeymoon packing list will give you a little insight into some of the precautions necessary for a trip like this. The top 10 honeymoon packing list will not stop everything from happening but, it will help you get your clothes and essential there on time. A little preparation goes a long way. This top 10 honeymoon packing tips are just the ticket!

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