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Wedding gifts to buy mothers, fathers, bridesmaids and groomsmen

Everybody likes offering and receiving gifts. But to choose them for those who mean something for you and have also helped with the wedding can prove to be sometimes a rather complicated job. And it is not about the amount of money spent on them, but about knowing the people wishes so you can be sure your gifts will make an impression.

In the USA there is a trend to offer wedding favors to all the guests that attended to the wedding. Their value depends on the lucky pair's budget. It can be anything from personalized wine or champaign bottles to small brooches for the ladies and tie pins for the gentlemen.

In the UK though the party favors are more accustomed to posh weddings. But there will always be gifts for the bride and groom's parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girls, maid of honor, usher. It would be nice if the gifts are personalized so that their view can bring back memories of the happy couple and the wedding.

As a suggestion, try to make no differences among the bridesmaids (or the groomsmen).

For the girls you may choose: stylish jewelry, key rings, beauty products, candle lights, charming picture frames, pocket mirrors, jewelry boxes, small beach or cosmetics travel bags, lipstick cases.

For the groomsmen you can decide on: key rings, tie pins, cigar holders, cufflinks, money clips, Zippo lighters, stainless steel corkscrews, glass mugs, office sets, pen sets, desk clock, business card cases.

For the ring bearer you have to think of what the young boy may want: a sports bag, a personalized T-shirt or tankards or some piggy banks.

As for the flower girls you may go for: teddy bears, keepsake books, jewelry cases, dresser sets, glass mugs, T-shirts, piggy banks.

It is a bit more complicated to buy the gifts for the parents. Traditionally only the bride's parents receive gifts, but you are all a big family, so it would be nice to include the groom's parents. For fathers you can buy personalized cufflinks, beautiful photo frames with yours and his photo in it (that can be a nice gift for mothers too), glass mugs and tankards, tie pin and cufflink sets. Mothers can receive; crystal vase, jewelry sets, candles, hankies, silver mirrored compact cases.

And many couples show their appreciation by sending in the morning after the wedding nice bouquets of flowers to their parents' houses along with a hand written note.

Buy the gifts long before the wedding, so you have enough time to look for the perfect ones.

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