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How not to get nervous on your wedding day

The day of your wedding has arrived, and your nerves are on end. This is a dream come true that you have been waiting for since you were a child. The dress is hanging on the door, the shoes are ready, and your honeymoon bag is waiting to be carried away. All the sudden you start to get nervous and you are not even sure why. You start to panic and wonder is everything going to be ready. Stop right now! Try to figure out a way to stay calm. Remind yourself that you need to stop and breath. Being nervous is normal for most every bride and groom to be. After all your wedding day is the biggest day of your life.

Start the night before; check you list to make sure that you have not left any last minute details for the day of your wedding. Then go to bed to early (set your alarm), so that you get enough sleep for the upcoming day. Wake up on time or being ready when the hairdresser arrives. Having too many people around can also cause panic. 

What can you do to calm yourself and not get nervous on your wedding day? The first thing you should do is eat breakfast. Eating breakfast even if itís just a piece of toast or a banana will help to keep nerves calmed. This day will be a very long and you need to have some food in your stomach to settle nerves throughout the day.  

Spend some time alone; every time you get a chance to breath and spend a moment alone take advantage of it. Do not be afraid to disappear for a few minutes, as long as someone knows where to find you, it is ok to duck out. Be sure you have chosen a dress that is not only beautiful, but allows you to walk, move and be comfortable. Allow plenty of time to get ready, it may take 2 or more hours to get ready and not having enough time can stress you out. 

Avoid drinking too much alcohol, as this will make you feel even worse. It is ok to have a little bit of Champagne, just do not over do it. Despite all the planning, somethingís are just out of your control, so just roll with it. If you have a few moments during the day, take that time to breath deeply and relax for a moment or two. Always be prepared by keeping a list so that you always know what is going on.

Take any time you can and try to stay as relaxed as possible, this will help with nerves. Stay busy so you do not have to think about how nervous you are. Get help if you think you need it. Donít sweat the small stuff.

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