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How to Deal with Wedding Pressure

Oh the wedding pressures! How do I deal with the wedding pressures from: my partner complaining about the growing financial concerns, unsolicited advice from your mother, bossy vendors, bickering bridesmaids, other wedding pressures. Well there is really no easy answer to the question but in this article you may learn of some ways to take away some of the pressures involved in your wedding. Lets first discuss the types of things you can do to release some of the pressure.

Did you know that the most important step you will take as a couple is planning your wedding? Many couples are very stressed and pressured by the demands of planning a wedding that they will begin to fight or have no time together.  Let me tell you now that it is normal to feel the pressure from your wedding planning and both the bride and groom will feel different types of pressure.

Take the time to be with each other, without discussion of your wedding. Spending good quality time together to play a sport or watch a movie will help to take off pressure from dealing with your wedding.
There is generally one person who will take the lead in planning the wedding, making sure that the other is kept in the loop will help to make decisions easier. Taking into account the other persons preferences will avoid resentment that may come, and not making decisions alone will show that you are sharing responsibility. Work together on the wedding, one day a week, taking the time to communicate your concerns and needs with each other.

There are times that friends and family can be annoying, be sure to talk with your partner and express your concerns, letting them know that you expect them to handle their friends and family. If each person handles his or her portion of the wedding party, it will take away stress related to your wedding. In the event that it is not handled, talk with your partner and get angry with them and not their friends and family. After all you do not want to turn this into a “my family vs. your family” situation.

Watch stress levels, and if you find that your mood is changing frequently, or that you are not sleeping normally, then do some relaxing exercises or anything else that will help your body to relax. By heading the stress off when you first realize it is occurring you will prevent it from building up to a point that you cannot handle.

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