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Maid of Honor Duties

The maid of honor at a wedding holds a very important role. She is part therapist, party planner and organizer, and is partly to blame for things that can and will go wrong. Well maybe the last part will occur if that is how you feel at the time.

From the moment you are asked to be the Maid of Honor, you are often touched by the honor and are not really thinking of what the maid of honor duties.  The maid of honor duties can take a great deal of time, and it is the responsibility of the maid of honor to ensure that the preparations for the wedding are under control as well as being the main support for the bride. This support is important, as it will help to keep stress levels of wedding planning down to a minimum.

Here are some specific Maid of Honor Duties.

  1. The maid of honor will accompany the bride when she goes shopping for her dress.
  2. She will help in the decision of the bride’s maid dresses.
  3. Hair and makeup expenses are usually paid by each of the bridesmaid and it is the responsibility of the maid of honor to make sure the bridesmaids are aware of this.
  4. Help address invitations.
  5. Put together wedding favors.
  6. The maid of honor along with the bridesmaids will plan the bridal shower
  7. Help to spread the word about where the couple is registered
  8. Help coordinate the out of town guests, arrange transportation and accommodations, and prepare welcome baskets for out of town guests.
  9. Collect gifts and envelopes at the reception desk and make sure they are safe.
  10. Help direct guests their seats, and make them feel comfortable.
  11. Make sure the bride eats, and gets plenty of rest when mom is not available to do this.
By taking your responsibilities as a maid of honor seriously, you will be able to help the wedding run more smoothly while giving the bride all the support and help she needs.  You will really be a major part in how well the wedding goes.

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