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Making your Own Wedding Buffet

If you have decided to do your own wedding buffet, you will need to take some things into consideration. Things such as the time you will have your buffet served, the amount of food you will need, the menu and adjustments for vegetarian guest. Now you might be saying oh, this is just way too much work! It might be if you are short on time, but if you need to save a little bit of money, and want to do it yourself.

If your wedding is themed, such as Hawaiian, then you should consider doing your own wedding buffet in the same style. The good thing about doing your own wedding buffet is that you can decide on the items you will have available for your guests. There are more selections available when having a buffet. This will give your guests a wide variety of delicious menu choices and it is easier to please everyone.

Planning to have friends and family come and help you prepare the food or even buying things and cooking them can be a challenge. Knowing when you start making the food and how it will be stored is something that should be thought about early in planning.

For those people who are unsure of what to serve as a wedding buffet, it is pretty clear that you can have just about anything that you really want to have. Here is a sample menu that can be used as a guideline for your own wedding buffet.


Fresh Garden Salad - Caesar Salad -Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella, with a variety of condiments to top it off.

Buffet Dinner

Offering choices of pasta dishes, chicken dishes, beef dishes, and seafood dishes, with a vegetables choice and choice of potatoes or rice and dinner rolls. The more choices you can afford to give them the more satisfied the guests will be.

Cocktail Options

Choosing hot or cold items will often help to keep prices down and offer more of a selection of food. Items such as grilled vegetables, mini egg rolls, potato puff, scallops in bacon, spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, teriyaki steak on a stick, chicken fingers, pizza bagels, popcorn chicken and shrimp, orange chicken, beef kabobs, mini calzones, fruit and cheese kabobs, turkey rollups, stuffed cucumbers, and more can be an excellent addition to any buffet. Having choices will not only satisfy more of your guests, but will also satisfy picky eaters and children, a sure winner

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