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Most popular wedding reception meals starters main course dessert types

One of the most important parts of a wedding reception is the meal. So when you plan your wedding, take your time to establish with the caterer every detail of it. Basically you have to decide yourself on the menu, on eating arrangements and on bridal sweets.

Traditionally in UK the menu consists of three courses: starter, main course and dessert.

For starters you may choose: cream of wild mushroom soup with thyme croutons; home smoked salmon warm potato vinaigrette; roast pepper and tomato soup; hock and parsley terrine watercress salad; chicken liver parfait plum  chutney; cream of leek and potato soup; cream of broccoli and stilton soup.

As main course you may have one of: Bajan beef stew; curried goat; oven roasted minted lamb steaks; roast topside of beef; roast leg of welsh lamb with rosemary and mint; salmon fillet; roast turkey; roast loin of pork; pancetta wrapped breast of chicken.

Normally as dessert was only the bridal cake. But today a cup of coffee is also served with one of the following: Tiramasu strawberry gateau; Key lime pie; fresh fruit salad; white and dark chocolate Marquise; chocolate coated profiteroles; warm pear frangipane tart crème anglaise; fruit topped cheesecake; iced banana parfait caramel sauce; lemon merinque roulade; raspberry and champagne jelly.

There is though a trend to replace the first two accustomed courses with multi-course seated dinners with a succession of small plates and tastes. Specially young people seem to enjoy a lot the miniature size food.

When deciding on the menu for your reception you have to think of what meals are specific on the period of the year when you're having the wedding and what kind of meal will you have: a buffet style or a sit-down. While the first is a modern tendency, less expensive, the second option goes best with a formal, traditional wedding.

In America for example, a hors d' oeuvres (food that can be easily picked up and eaten with one hand) will be served during the first hour of the reception (when there is a full meal to be served).

Don't forget to make up your mind about beverages (liquors, wines, champagne or sparkling wine for toasting). 

And remember that a good meal is one of the main ingredients of a successful wedding reception.

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