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The Wedding Vows

Weddings are times for love, happiness and joy. But also tears: emotional tears (from the mothers), happiness tears from the brides. And there is the “vow moment”, when a lot of the wedding guests may feel their eyes wet from emotion. 

While traditionally the words spoken at the alter were the same, no matter the partners, today they are unique and personalized, they can bring a special inimitable touch to the event and, although they are meant for the bride/groom, they can move the whole audience.

But it may be easier said than done because not everyone has a way with words or with speaking in public. Here are some tips that may guide you.

tip no. 1- make sure that your ceremony allows individual vows and your partner is also comfortable with the idea

tip no. 2- agree with your partner on the length of the vow; one can't speak for 1 minutes and the other for 10

tip no. 3- give yourself time to compose it and in the meantime write all your ideas; it'll do you good to review some “vow moments” from famous films, to reread some of the work of your favorite writers (to improve your style), to listen some romantic songs (just to get you into the special mood)

tip no. 4- you can incorporate in your writing some famous love poetry lines or lyrics from some love songs

tip no. 5- when writing, think at you future spouse, your life, personality, but keep in mind that lots of other people will hear the words too

tip no. 6- talk to a friend that has some literary skill to polish a bit your writing

tip no. 7- practice as much as you can, till you know the words like you know your own name

tip no. 8- practice also some relaxing technique;  this can be quite a stressful experience, specially if you are afraid that you won't remember the words or that you will be unable to say them properly

tip no. 9- write the vow down and take the paper with you, just in case the emotion will mess up with your memory 

tip no. 10- don't forget to speak laud, clear, to smile at your loved one and to keep an eye contact with him/her.

If these tips haven helped  you loosen up, think that you are not the only one who is stressed and nervous. And after all, the emotion can add a plus to your vow, it will make it impossible to forget.

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