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Wedding day hair advice

Your wedding day! The day when you want to be more beautiful than ever. You have bought yourself an incredible wedding dress, you have the most exquisite set of jewelry, your bouquet is just perfect. You have even found an elegant pair of shoes, comfortable enough to wear for many hours. Now you have to decide yourself what kind of veil you want.

But this can prove to be a hard decision to make. If you like the traditional style, you will choose a cathedral veil; if you like the princes look you will go for an elbow-length one and a tiara; if you prefer the romantic look you will add some flowers in your hair. But please remember that when choosing your veil or the other hair accessories (tiara, flowers etc) you have to keep in mind what kind of hair style you will have and what colour your gown will be.

No matter if you do your hair yourself or you hire a specialist, there are some “dos” and “don'ts” to remember:

And most importantly:

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