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How to fit into your wedding dress

So you are ready to lose some inches from your body before your wedding day. Fitting into your wedding dress does not have to be hard. Everyone wants to look gorgeous in her wedding gown. If you need to do more than tone up for your wedding, beginning at the right time will be essential to success. When you need to lose 20 or more pounds you should start 3-6 month prior to your wedding to ensure you take off those excess pound and fit into your wedding dress.

Having a healthy diet and exercise program is the key. As you may have already heard eating six mini meals a day, will not only help you to lose weight, but will keep you from getting hungry. When you combine this eating plan with cardio and strength training, you are sure to lose 1-2 pounds a weeks. This would work out to be about 5-10 pounds a month when you follow through with the plan.

If you big day is approaching fast and you are sure that you will not fit into your dream-wedding gown you have bought. If you take the information in this article and use it to your advantage you will surely create a better you and fit into your wedding dress.

By eating less, about 1600 calories per day, will keep your body nourished, while keeping your body from gaining excessive weight. When you burn 3000 calories you will lose one pound of fat. In order to lose a couple pounds a week you will need to multiply your calorie burning process. Now this may seem like a lot, but when you consider how many calories certain exercises burn you will find that it is much easier than you think.

Another thing that you should start doing right away is to drink water and lots of it. Not only is water critical to the body but also it has countless health benefits. Water lowers body fat, flushes cellulite and improves digestion. If you have dark circles under you eyes, it helps to reduce them while making you feel full. If you drink one 8oz glass of water before you eat, you will feel fuller and eat less.

Please be sure to consult your health care provider before starting any diet plan, this information is not to be used in place of physician consultations. As with any diet or weight loss plan, eating in moderation along with exercise is the key.

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