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How To Get A Nice Sun Tan For Your Wedding

Letís first explain that a suntan is the darkening of the skin, which typically are results from exposure to UV radiation. This stimulates the development of melanin within the skin. How do I get a nice suntan for my wedding? There are a few options available when you are looking to get a nice suntan for your wedding.

Going out in the sun, spray on tans, lotions, and tanning salons are some options. This article will discuss in detail what each option is then conclude with information about how you can achieve the tan you are looking for, so you will look nice for your wedding.


To start is you have time to get a nice sun tan for your wedding naturally then you can do this by spending a little more time in the sun. However, this is not really the best way to achieve a nice even tan that you want for your wedding. Not to mention that it is also very bad for your skin. Suntans from UV rays are not a sign of good health, and can cause radiation damage to the skin. 

Tanning Bed or Booth

Choosing whether or not to use a tanning bed or a tanning booth for your wedding tan, you need to look at what both can do for you and which will achieve the look you are trying to get.

When using a tanning bed or booth, there are accelerators that many people use to help them achieve the tan they want. These are high quality and are often expensive as well. While a tanning bed is something you lay in, you may have parts that are not as even as you would like, this is due to pressure points that occur when lying down. A tanning booth however, is a place in which you are standing vertically, and therefore leaving a more even tan. 

Spray on Tans

Spray on tans, or airbrushed tans have become a very popular way of getting the tan you want and need, are reasonably priced as well. Spray on tans provides extremely smooth coverage and the best tanning results. This method of getting a tan is one of the safest and is highly recommended to achieve fast results.


The purpose of using a lotion, is to stimulate melanin production in the skin, it will also help to moisturize and restore nutrients. Lotions are available for anyone from fair skinned to dark. All you need to do is follow the instructions on how to apply the lotion to your skin. This type of product can be bought at any department or grocery store. If you do not use the right lotion for your skin tone, you may end up with undesirable results. Checking how it will look on a small part of skin first, will help you to see what your end result will look like.

The decision of which method to use, is not hard. In fact we have given you the best answer to your question and hope that this article will give you the information you need to decide which type of method you want to use.

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