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Picking the best wedding shoes

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding! But to have a beautiful experience at your own ceremony and reception you have to remember a small issue: you need the perfect shoes. It is not something to make you smile or laugh. Many brides don't realize how many hours they have to bear the shoes and how unpleasant it will be if they create her discomfort.

First of all you have to think of buying your shoes only after you have already purchased the wedding dress. Not only that this way you will be able to match perfectly the colour, but you will know what shoes style goes better (with or without high heels for example). Remember that your shoes and your gown can be absolutely gorgeous, but separately: together they just don't fit. So buy the gown and be very careful to purchase a pair of shoes that have the right style.

Don't make the mistake to think that your shoes won’t be seen anyway because of the full-length dress. There are so many occasions when they will be seen (when you dance, when the groom will hold you up in his arms, when the garter will be removed) that you will regret if they anything else but beautiful.

If possible your wedding shoes’ fabric and texture should match to the fabric and texture of your bridal gown. And as for the style, there is a wide variety to chose from: full shoes, sling backs, sandals, pumps, platforms, ballet slippers, boots, mules, flip flops.

If you normally don't wear high heels shoes, don't start to wear them at your wedding; it won't work. If you really want high heels for the church ceremony you may change for the reception in a more comfortable pair (of course carefully chosen as the first one). Better to pay for two pairs of shoes than have a bad mood because of the discomfort caused by one pair.

It may cost you some time, money and energy to find the best wedding shoes, but they will worth the trouble.

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