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Best Man Wedding Duties

The concept of a "best man" originated in Scotland, more than a hundred years ago. The best man is referred to as the partner in crime. The best man is the name that is given to the male assistant to the groom at a wedding.

Typically this honor is given to a best friend or a brother, but sometime given to someone else. You may be thinking that only the Maid of Honor has duties, but you would be incorrect in your thinking. The best man does have duties that need to be attended to and we have included some of those duties in this article.

So what do you have to do to be a good best man? The best man is responsible for helping the groom with some details of the wedding, such as:

  1. Getting the groom to the wedding on time
  2. Supervising groomsmen or ushers 
  3. Ensuring that the rings are brought to the ceremony
  4. Giving a speech at the rehearsal dinner, and wedding
  5. Thanking the bridesmaids
  6. Decorating the car of the married couple
  7. Organize the bachelor party
  8. Help select formal wear
  9. Attend any pre-nuptials
  10. Pays for own wedding attire
  11. Confirms honeymoon reservations, ensuring the groom has tickets and other necessary items
  12. Registers the couple
  13. Runs errands when needed
  14. Attends the rehearsal and dinner
  15. Arrives early on wedding day to help the groom dress and finish packing
  16. Hold the marriage license
  17. Signs marriage documents as an official witness
  18. Ensures that all of the wedding party and principle family members are in the correct cars leaving the church and that they know where they are going.
  19. Participates in photography sessions
  20. Makes sure that bride and groom getaway is easy
  21. Offers first toast at reception

These are just a few of the duties involved in being a best man. It may seem overwhelming, but it is much easier than it may appear to be. Lets not forget to tell you that there is a price tag that comes with the honor of being the best man. This generally is $400 -$1000, and is used mainly for the bachelor party.

With this in mind you will be able to make a uniformed decision as to whether or not being the best man is the best thing for you.

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