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Advertising a hen night stag night business

If you want to run a successful hen and stag night business you need an excellent advertising strategy. This is not the type of business that requires a lot of money because you'll be using the clients money, but calls for a lot of funds for publicity. And a well directed advertising campaign will attract potential customers meaning good growth for your business.

Before you actually start your campaign make sure you do have a well designed logo and a slogan that is easy to remember and attracts attention.  Then get a website and advertise it on websites related to hen nights.

Remember that your business exists and is successful because your potential clients do not have the time and the energy to organize events themselves (but they do have the money). So define your target and act accordingly (for example do you go for middle class or working class clientele).

Advertise in the yellow pages, as well as in the local newspapers, radio (and TV if your budget allows it). Maybe on the phone the clients will tell you that they have seen your website, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they found it on the Internet; they may have seen the link on one of your advertisements.

Print a nice colorful brochure to get attention for your business. Then place copies of it at the right places: hairdresser's, wedding dress shops, hotels receptions, florist's shops, travel agencies, caterers and other wedding services suppliers, companies that imprint T-shirts and shops that rent different types of costumes.

It is very important to have excellent relations with the local clubs, restaurants, bars and caterers. You will need them for those who want to have their hen or stag night organized in town. And you also need very good connections with the travel agents because they have good offers for hen and stag holidays.

And do your best to satisfy all your clients to build up a good strong reputation. Statistically speaking a pleased customer will bring at least 3 new potential ones. So take good care of them!

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