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Tips on running a wedding florist business

When asked to describe a wedding in 3 words, many say: brides, love/happiness and ... flowers. It is almost unimaginable to think of a wedding without lots of flowers. And looking at some statistics, there are lots of weddings where a large part of the budget is dedicated to the wedding flowers (decorations, bouquets and so on). So it may prove to be a good idea to run a wedding florist.

If you are intent on doing so, here are some tips that may help you succeed: 

  • Establish the budget for your new business; if you don't have enough money, think of bank credit or some sources of financial support such as grants.
  • Write your business plan;
  • You may start low level, with a florist shop, but later think of having a shopping chain
  • You'll need a van to transport the flower arrangements and other addition supplies to the sites
  • You need excellent contacts with the flower suppliers
  • Make good relations with other wedding service suppliers; you may help them and they can recommend your services
  • Have a website with detailed catalogs, offers, prices, and quality pictures; if possible also accept line orders
  • Your future brides may have the most unusual wishes for their wedding flowers; learn how to deal with any type of personality and create yourself the right connection that will help you bring in more orders.
  • Sell flowers from any part of the world (at the beginning you can have contracts with bigger wholesale storages and later create your owns contacts abroad)
  • Building a good reputation requires time; remember that the best publicity is a satisfied client; do your best to let nobody down
  • Be prepared for irregular working hours, especially during weekends
  • Always be very polite, smile a lot and never say a direct “no” to your clients, no mater how unusual or ridiculous the request may be; try a diplomatic approach to persuade the person on changing his/her mind.
  • You have to really love what you're doing because you'll have to be very enthusiastic when taking about it with your potential clients.
To run a wedding florist business you need a lot of creativity, dedication, patience and a lot of love for flowers. If you have all these (and even more) the success will come sooner than you're expecting.

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