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Saving money on your wedding budgeting tips

You have decided: you are getting married. And you are proud and happy and you want the whole world to be there for you and to be part of your happiness. But, inevitably appears a problem, you start worrying: do we have enough money for a proper wedding? And when coming to money, usually things are not so easy anymore: money is never enough. But you shouldn't let such an issue spoil your mood. Where's a problem, there's also always a solution. Or more! 

Here are some tips that may help you adjust your wedding budget.

  • think of having your wedding during the extra season (from  November till April); everything will be much cheaper. You may also consider having your wedding on any other day but Saturday; this will also mean that the prices will be lower. All you have to do is to choose a proper hour so everybody can have enough time after work to get dressed and arrive in time.
  • Trim the invitation list. It is important that only close family and good friends are with you on the big day. Don't feel pressed to invite somebody you barely know. It is your wedding.
  • Chose the wedding day near a big celebration day. This way the church will be already decorated.
  • Use home made invitations. They don't cost much and will add a personal note to the event.
  • Be honest with the caterer and tell him/her about your budget's limitation. Ask him/her to make you the best offer that your money can buy.
  • If there are many guests that need rooms for the night, think of having the wedding reception at the hotel. This way you can negotiate better prices for the rooms and services.
  • Don't spend a fortune on the bride and groom's attire. Don't forget there is always the chance to buy almost everything cheaper somewhere else. Or take a look at the season reduction at the big fashion houses.
  • Ask for your friends' help with the guests' transport and you will save the money needed for car renting.
  • Ask for some student music bands for entertaining. They can be quite good, eager to do a good job and gain appreciation; and they are definitely cheaper than professionals.

It is most important to remember that your wedding day is the first day of your new life with your husband/wife. Don't put an unwanted financial pressure on this life, just to have a Hollywood wedding. It is more important to step into your new life with the right foot.

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