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Hen night accessories

Just before a woman commits herself to a man for the rest of her life it is traditional to have a henís night. This is normally quite a lively party where only her closest friends are invited. As the woman is about to get married, it isnít uncommon for the whole evening to be quite naughty, so to speak.

There are hundreds of different accessories that you can buy for your henís night, or rather allow your friends to buy. The hens night is rarely controlled by the bride to be, itís normally controlled completely by her friends.

For some reason any hen nights main aim is to embarrass the bride, much the same as a stag night I suppose. There are lots of ways the bride can be embarrassed.

Accessories for hen nights range from quite simple things like t-shirts, to much more complicated and unique things like face masks. Itís quite easy these days to get a customised t-shirt printed, all you need is a photograph, many shops will be able to do this for you. Even better, if you have a photo printer and a computer at home you can do it yourself! All you need is some special transfer paper, an iron and your printer. You should be able to do lots of t-shirts very cheaply.

Many hen nights have themes, depending upon the theme in question it may make certain accessories suitable or unsuitable. As we already mentioned the hen herself normally has little to do with planning the party, however some do actually listen to what she wants!

You can buy naughty games, my favourite being the hen night scavenger dare game where the hens each get a list of dares that they must to before the evening is up. The dares obviously arenít so easy, but once youíve had a few it could be entertaining!

There are also hundreds of different costumes that you can buy, including a wide selection of wigs. The wigs and costumes would be great if you are planning a themed hen night, for example if you are planning to hold a 60ís hen night then why not get a 60ís style wig and costume?

There are also hundreds of novelty items available for hen nights, these can include rather rude things. Itís not difficult to buy accessories, many town centres have shops for costumes that also stock hen night accessories. If you do however start to have any trouble then be sure to check on the internet, there are hundreds of different online shops all of which can send suitable accessories direct to your door.

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