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Hen night weekend

Hen nights are a way for the bride to be to be naughty for one last time, even if she doesnít want to be! The bride rarely has anything to do with organizing the henís night, so what actually happens is usually down to her friends.

Most hen nights are just that, nights! However now itís very popular to have hen night weekends. This is where the henís night spills over to consume a whole weekend.

So just why is this so popular? Well many people want to travel abroad for their henís night and so itís quite understandable to want longer. Even though foreign countries are faster to reach than ever (except Europe since they got rid of the Concorde) normally more than just a weekend is required to make the most of it.

A hen night weekend will take much more planning than a regular hen night, especially if you are going abroad. There are some extra things to think about on a hens night weekend, such as where to stay, will you go around together all the time, should you take your partners, and what will you all eat?

Wherever you are going for your henís weekend you should defiantly make a checklist, this is especially true if you are going abroad. Make sure that you all have your passports well in advance, perhaps you could nominate one trustworthy person to carry all the passports and keep them safe for you.

Never have a hen night weekend the weekend before the wedding, you should have it a few weeks before the wedding if possible. You want to give the bride the opportunity to sober up before having to be married!

Hen night weekends should be slightly different to hen nights, you should not drink alcohol the whole weekend! That could have very bad consequences, perhaps you could take in the sights or enjoy talking to your friends.

You should decide on the budget well before talking about a weekend, could everyone afford a ticket to wherever you are going? If not then is it really what you want to do? You could even try talking to the bride!

Hen night weekends can be much more fun than a hen night, because you can travel much further to have one, and also you get to spend more time with your friends!

Husbands to be are often quite nervous about letting their loved one go on such a naughty night, now when itís a weekend all but the bravest husband would be jumping out of his skin. You need to put your partners mind at ease, tell him that heís the only one for you.

Hen night weekends can be fun, just remember to keep it sensible!

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