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Hen night ideas

There are lots of different things that you can do for your henís night these days, it all depends upon yours and your friends budget really. The more money you can afford, the more extravagant things you can do. If everyone can afford it, then you could even go abroad for your henís night! Fantastic, you might think, but what if you have a smaller budget, well never fear because Iím here.

If your budget is less than $50 (£25) a head, then you could consider a night on the town. Somewhere close to home, ideally in your local pub.   Start with a restaurant, look out for restaurants that offer a set menu for a set price, or ask if they will give group discounts. Then you could go to a nightclub. All of this should easily be possible for the budget.

Such a small budget doesnít just limit you to this, you could also have a night in with your friends. You can buy several manicure kits and treat each other! Rent some DVDís that are popular with you and your friends. This should prove to be a very enjoyable evening, remember you donít have to go out to have fun!

If youíre a bit of a tom boy, then perhaps you would enjoy paintballing or go carting. These are both very exciting activities! You could even invite your partnerís friends so you have some targets. Afterwards you can enjoy a nice drink in the pub.

If you have a little bit more to spend, say $100 (about £50) per head, then you could have posh night on the town, and even stay over night in a moderately priced hotel. A bed and breakfast can be just as nice as a 3 star hotel, and you can talk about the night before over breakfast!

If you want a weekend away on a tight budget then you can go camping! Staying in hotels is very expensive, and you would struggle to do that on about $100 per person, however camping is often much more affordable and can be enjoyable. Camping is only suitable for certain people, if you like sitting by the camp fire and taking long walks then perhaps itís for you, if you like creature comforts then itís defiantly not for you!

You could even consider a day at a health spa. Almost every women loves being pampered and messed with. Most offer special offers including lunch for under the $100 mark, some even allow you to stay overnight, why not check it out!

If you have no problems with budget then you could take a weekend somewhere nice and hot, you could hire a complete villa for you and your friends! Thereís nothing more relaxing than that!

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