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Hen night pranks

Hen nights are used to celebrate the last night of a womanís freedom before she gets married to her husband. Itís normal to have a lot of pranks and dares at these parties as people seem to like embarrassing the bride to be for some unknown reason! Maybe itís just because itís such good fun!


You must bear in mind who will be attending the henís night, no longer do just the brideís closest friends attend, quite often nowadays the brides mum (and sometimes grandmother) come too! This will obviously limit the pranks you can do, as you donít want to put them in any compromising positions.


The most obvious prank of course is a stripper, everybody thinks of having a stripper at the henís night. So why is this a prank? Well often the bride to be doesnít expect one to be there, and one is invited anyway! Occasionally the consequences can be quite funny, but this oneís been done quite a lot!


If youíre looking for something more original then you have to think harder, a good one is having fake police come around to your party, they could try to arrest everyone for example. Then they could strip, the problem is that most hen night pranks are stripper related!


You could do endless things for pranks, chaining the wife to be to a lamppost is always a popular one, although this is traditionally a stag night stunt, it can be done on hen nights too!


The costumes themselves could be considered a prank, you could tell the bride that you will all be going as adult film stars, and have everybody else dress up in formal dress for example. Although that might cause quite a lot of arguments!


You could get your hands on a fake wedding dress and make some alterations to it yourself with a pair of scissors, then tell the bride to try it on! Iím sure that will make her freak out, or worse throw her wine all over you!


There really are hundreds of different pranks that you can play on people for their hen night party, however you must remember to keep it clean. You want good clean fun! Itís certainly not worth risking your relationship over!


One of the easiest forms of prank are simply dares, you could play a really easy game of truth and dare and make them do certain pranks. Start them off quite easy and clean and then slowly work up to getting pieces of clothing and so on!


As long as you donít get too carried away Iím sure the pranks at your hen night party will be amazing and very good fun! Remember again, keep it clean!


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