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Hen night forfeits

A hen night is the last chance for the bride to celebrate being single before having the shackles of marriage chained around her leg. This really is the last time you can let your hair down and be single!

Because of this hen nights are often quite naughty and risquť, it seems that they are mainly designed to humiliate and embarrass the bride as much as possible. One way of doing this is using dares, these dares can be given to everyone.

Dares can also be used to provide some much needed entertainment, for some reason watching people do something that they really donít want to do is quite good fun! Although itís not as much fun to watch people at work, which is a little strange.

You should take it in turns to give the dares out, make sure that everybody gets chance to do a dare otherwise itís just not fair! If you donít like thinking of dares on the spot then you could buy a dare spinner, this will randomly give a list of dares to your guests.

If you just ask someone to do a dare then what incentive do they have to do it? If you will just say ďOh never mindĒ Then thereís really no reason for them to do the dare! There needs to be some form of punishment if people fail to do their dare, or do it incorrectly, this is where forfeits come in.

What happens if somebody refuses to do a dare, or doesnít do it correctly? Well you need to decide upon the forfeits before you actually start giving the dares out.

So, what would exactly make a good forfeit for a henís night? Well when you were 10 at school a chicken seemed like a great forfeit, however this one isnít really good enough for a henís night. What you need is something much more embarrassing or physically challenging.

One of the easiest forfeits is to take a swig of your drink, or down two vodkas in a go. You could drink using your fingers as a measure, if you fail to do a dare you must drink 3 fingers worth of drink!

Other forfeits include things like shouting out that you havenít got any underwear on, or dancing to the music on the jukebox.

The forfeits must be worse than the dares in order for them to be a successful deterrent, a forfeit of doing a chicken dance is hardly a suitable punishment for somebody that has just refused to kiss their best friend!

Remember that the dares are supposed to make the hens night more fun, donít focus too highly upon them or the punishments. You want to have a great time, and Iím sure you will!

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