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Hen night costume ideas

Hen nights are supposed to be the brideís last chance to enjoy her freedom, however more often than not they are designed to embarrass the bride to be as much as possible!

There are many different activities you can do for your hen night, and pretty much every hen night is completely unique. The thing to watch out for is themes. You can set a certain theme and everybody attending your henís night must dress up accordingly.

Dressing up is always fun, ever since we were children we all enjoyed it! You should think long and hard about your theme, so that you can pick the right costumes out.

Pretty much any theme is suitable for a hen night in general, however as every hen night is different, the acceptable themes are also different.

Firstly you must consider who will be attending the party, will the brides mother and grandmother be going to the event? If so then that almost certainly rules out some of the most popular choices of costume!

You can dress up as pretty much anything for a hen night, nuns, prostitutes, devils, absolutely anything!

Before thinking about costumes you should consider the theme of your hen night party. Sometimes there is no theme but you still want to dress up, however when there is a theme itís always a good idea to have everything matching!

If you are having a 60ís theme night for example you can easily find clothing and accessories, you could even look on one of the popular auction sites on the internet to track down some great clothes!

If you want to go as a sexy nurse, or nuns things can get a little bit difficult. You could visit your local sex shop, however thatís not only embarrassing, it may also be the wrong type of costume. Instead try looking on the internet. Just search for hen night costumes, you will see hundreds of different shops all set up to give you the best hen night costumes possible.

You can also buy accessories to go with your costume, if you are going as a nurse why not have one person dress up as a doctor and carry a giant thermometer? You could all surround people to check them! Sure that may annoy people but it is great fun.

Again, if the brides mum is going then you do want to be careful what you get people wearing. Not only would the brideís mother feel uncomfortable, but it might make the bride cringe! What if she gets wrinkles before her big day?! Seriously, you should be considerate, especially if anybody in your family was a nun or anything!

Plan your hen night properly and itís bound to be a huge success.

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