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Hen night weekend holiday

Before a woman gets married she has one last chance to celebrate her single life, this takes the form of a hen night. A hen night is commonly called a bachelorette party in America, however both are very much the same thing.

Traditionally the hen night was held on one single night, however now things are changing. Itís not uncommon to have a hen night weekend, this is a complete weekend as opposed to the traditional single night.

Hen night weekends are much more difficult to plan for than the normal hen night because there is so much more to think about. Normally the only reason for a hen night weekend is so that they can go further afield.

Itís quite normal to have a hen night abroad these days, however itís not really feasible to travel 3 hours by plane just for one evening! Travelling that far for a weekend is however justifiable.

A hen night could be a complete surprise to the bride, however it is not possible to surprise the bride in the same way when going away for a weekend. You will be forced to discuss going a way quite a long time in advance, and she will no doubt have much more input than in the traditional hen night.

If you are responsible for organizing a hen night weekend then it wouldnít hurt to have a checklist of things that you need to do before the event can take place. First you must discuss with everyone where you would like to go.

If you personally want to go abroad, make sure you do ask everyone else. Does everybody have a passport? And can they fly ok? If not, then perhaps you should think again. The hen night weekends are not supposed to be exclusive clubs! You donít want to make anyone feel left out.

If you are going away for a hen night weekend then itís very important to remember to pack everything. You donít want to have to travel back home for something, thatís just a waste of time! And may be very expensive or near impossible if youíve gone abroad!

Make sure that everybody has their passports, if one person forgets then it can be a very stressful rather than enjoyable time!

Make sure that you have made hotel reservations before going out there, you donít want to get there and discover that thereís no room in the inn! What would you do?

Many hotels offer a group discount, and may even have a function room that you can hire out. Itís defiantly worth enquiring when you are hunting for a hotel how much it would cost for a group.

Lastly you should think about what you will do when you are out there, it may be very different to your home, where can you go? Perhaps a travel guide book would be a great help!

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