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Hen night gifts

The purpose of a henís night is mainly to embarrass the bride as much as possible, what is the point of a henís night if the bride to be doesnít blush at least once?! But the trouble is, weíre running out of ways to embarrass the brides, because they are becoming more and more resilient to our torture!

You donít have to buy the bride to be anything for her hen night, you save your real present until the actual wedding day. However there are lots of joke presents that you could buy to make embarrassing her so much easier.

You can get numerous different products that resemble a manís penis. Immature as that may sound they do make delightful gifts to give to the bride to be!

You can get a penis shaped candle, soap, whistle, you name it you can get it. You can even get a willy with a wind up mechanism so that it hops merrily along the table, oh what a joy.

Anyway the idea of these gifts is to humiliate the bride, I know youíre thinking who wouldnít appreciate a bar of soap shaped like a mans penis. But for some reason itís not something people want, and just to let you know the soap is for external use only.

So what else could you possibly want? Well you can get a flashing bra, one of you (normally the bride) can wear this and watch what happens. Personally I think they would be better in a blue strobe light, then one of you can make the wah wah noises of the police car!

You could even buy an inflatable doll, you can actually get male versions nowadays. Some of these are clean, and others have the extra bits added on outside.

I would love to know what happens to these gifts from hen nights, I canít believe people actually hang onto them.

You could also buy some fluffy handcuffs, and if youíre feeling even more adventures you could invest in a high quality face mask. Personally I donít like to be restricted, but whatever youíre into is fine by me!

Hen nights are supposed to be silly, and so you certainly should not buy serious gifts, anything shaped like a mans willy is perfectly normal for a hen night, but not for a wedding. Which brings me onto my next point. Whatever you do, do not, ever, under any circumstances mix up the presents for the hen night and the wedding!

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