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Hen night novelties

A hen night is just another excuse to have a party, no seriously it is! It is supposed to be the womanís last chance to enjoy being single, but Iím sorry sheís already in a committed relationship! Iím glad I got that off my chest!

Anyway a hen night is supposed to be fun for everybody, and there are a number of different novelty items that you (or someone else) can buy to make the event a lot better!

Any hen night is basically about showing off before you get married, many people do things on their hen night that they normally wouldnít even think about. Whether this is just because you want to show everyone that youíre not married yet, or because youíve had far too much alcohol is unknown.

If you want to moon somebody, which is where one shows ones bottom to other people, then you might not want people to see your real bum. Letís face it, who would want anybody to see their bum? Which makes me wonder why exactly people moon other people. I hate seeing my own bum, but thatís probably because it fills all of our Ďwideí mirror. And another thing, why would anyone bother asking ďDoes my bum look big in thisĒ if they are planning to pull it out on some poor unsuspecting victim.

Anyway back on topic, if you donít want anybody to see your bum then you can use a fake prosthetic bum. I presume you hide this down your pants, and then when you take your trousers down nobody can see your real bum. Quite what the point is of this Iím not sure, if they think itís your real bum then surely the consequences could be exactly the same. I could imagine the next day at work when somebody mentions you mooned someone, saying ďAha well that was a fake buttĒ wonít make your life any easier now will it?

You can also buy many novelty items to go with the theme of the party, you can buy fluffy handcuffs and even a big thermometer. One of the most important novelty items are of course costumes, these tie your party together and make everybody involved.

Novelty items are really popular, especially for hen nights. One of the most popular novelty items are the naughty games that you can play. Women like their hen nights to be quite naughty, well actually I think the brideís friends are the ones that like it to be naughty.

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