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Hen night fancy dress

Hen nights are quite exciting parties that are supposed to signify the womanís last moments of being single. These parties are often quite naughty simply because of this.

Every hen night is unique, and so everything about it can change. Many hen nights have themes that run through the whole evening. The theme should be found in the food, decorations and even the costumes.

If youíre stuck for some hen night theme ideas then you should defiantly have a look on the internet, there is a lot of advice out there, the only problem is weeding through and pulling out the useless stuff!

Once youíve decided upon your theme the food normally comes easy enough, if you choose a certain time period as a theme then thatís no problem at all. If you choose doctors and nurses then you might struggle a bit more.

So when youíve got the food sorted you need to consider the hen night fancy dress. Will you ask everyone to wear fancy dress? Or will you let them come however they want? This is completely up to you, but many people like the idea of fancy dress.

Ok, weíre not all children anymore, so why is hen night fancy dress so popular? Dressing up can be a grown up thing too! If the bride is really interested in something then using that as a theme is ideal.

You have a few options when looking for hen night fancy dress costumes, you could buy one, customize other clothing, or make one yourself.

Obviously buying one is what most people will do as itís by far the easiest. Itís not even difficult to find shops selling fancy dress clothing anymore, just take a look on the internet, you will see hundreds of online shops all wanting to send fancy dress straight to your door. You can even look at a well known internet auction site!

If you canít find what you need in a shop then you may have to resort to making your own, or customizing somebody elseís clothes. If you have to look at this then customizing is easier, and itís quite good fun! You could buy a regular pair of cheap trousers and turn them into flares quite easily for example.

If you do want to make your own clothes then this is very difficult. Normally I would advise you not to try it unless you have done it before. Some people are good at making clothes, others are not. Unless you are making everybodyís clothes, then perhaps itís a bad idea.

Whatever you wear, Iím sure your hen night will be fantastic. If youíre not keen on the idea of hen night fancy dress, then why not get a customized t-shirt printed and make everyone wear that instead?

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