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Hen night party games

You no doubt want your hen night to be fun, it is after all your last moment of freedom! There are many different hen night games that you can do, there are some listed below


This is quite a simple game, and best of all itís quite simple to set up. You need, a tennis ball, an old pair of tights, and a water bottle half filled with water.

Put the tennis ball inside the tights so that itís right down in the toe. Now you have to tie the tights so that itís around their hips and it is hanging behind them.

Put the water bottle in the middle of the room (with the cap on) and get them to try and knock the bottle over. Give them 4 minutes to try, if they canít do it then get another guest to try.

In order for this to work properly you have to swing your hips, which looks really funny and itís really difficult!

Naughty bananas

This is quite a fun game, and also itís easy to set up. All you need are two bananas, two pairs of handcuffs, and two volunteers.

Sit your volunteers on chairs, and put a banana in-between each of their legs, handcuff their hands behind the chair. The object of the game is to peel and eat the banana (without hands). The first one to finish is the winner.

Cross legs

This may sound like a boring game, but actually itís really good fun. If youíre having a quieter hen night inside then this one may be just your cup of tea.

You give everyone a clothes peg, which they clip to their trousers. Then you continue the evening as normal. If you ever see anybody crossing their legs, then you are allowed to take your peg off and put it onto their trousers.

The winners are the ones that donít have any pegs!

Guess presents

You can tell your guests not to put tags on their presents, and they should wrap it in a paper that means something to them.

They are allowed one chance to give you a clue as to what their paper is, without actually mentioning it.

Yes or no

This is a variation of truth or dare, you need to ask yes or no questions. Start with fairly simple ones like ďIs your name Jane?Ē If she answers yes then she must move to a seat to her right, if the seat next to her isnít free then the one next to that one (and so on).

If the answer is no then they donít have to move anywhere. Make sure that they realize they must tell the truth! You could make them swear an oath.

The first person to make it back to their own seat is the winner.

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