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Hen night party ideas

You can do pretty much whatever you like at a hen party, after all it is your henís party! Almost every henís party is different, so the activities and themes will vary. There are some hen night party ideas that you could consider for your hen night.

Firstly you should think about the theme. Do you want your party to have a theme? If so, you should think quite hard about this. You ideally want a theme that suits the brides interests, or makes her feel uncomfortable if that is your aim! Example themes include 60ís, Victorian, Mexican, anything you can think of!

Now you should think about a venue for your hen night party, where is best suited for your theme? If you plan on having a lot of decorations, then perhaps at home is best. Always check with the venue about decorations well in advance to avoid any disappointment. It could well be that the venue has private rooms and they will allow you to decorate them however you want.

Once youíve decided upon the theme you can start to look at the games that you would like to play. Ideally these should fit in with the theme of the party, but this isnít necessary if you are having problems choosing games. Most hen night games are quite naughty and hint towards a sexual nature!

If you are going for a theme then you will no doubt want everyone to wear a costume of some kind, these are pretty easy to come by on the internet. Just make sure everybody knows what the theme is, you donít want somebody turning up as a prostitute if the theme is nuns!

When itís closer to the time perhaps you should start thinking about the food, will you serve food? If so what do you want, meals, or finger food? The choice is completely up to you, well and your guests!

What you do for your hen night depends mainly upon where you will go. If youíre having a hen night weekend then itís quite easy to find much more extravagant and exciting hen night ideas. If youíre going abroad, why not take in some of the sights instead of just drinking yourself silly.

If you do get stuck for ideas, then you can check out the internet. You can even order hen night packs, these are kits with everything you need for a certain hen night theme.  Your hen night is supposed to be fun, donít get too bogged down with planning everything!

A great hen night idea is getting t-shirts printed with your group photo on! This will make sure everybody remembers exactly what happened, perhaps everybody could sign it. Well I hope you liked those hen night ideas, there are many more on the internet if you get stuck.

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