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Hen night goodies

A hen night is often quite a naughty party, and so the gifts at these events are also naughty!

Seriously you can buy pretty much anything for a hen night these days! Some of them would make a mans eyes water! How about testicle stress relievers, every time your man is being inconsiderate towards you, grabbing them and squeezing them will almost always shut him up.

The hen night is normally the last chance that the bride’s friends have to embarrass her as much as possible. The idea behind these naughty hen night goodies is to do just that, embarrass her!

If you’re good at making cakes then you could quite easily make a penis shaped cake, because this is much more unique the results are bound to be much more interesting! Unfortunately many of the hen night novelty items have been done to death.

You can get handcuffs, whips, and even bondage supplies, all of which seem well suited to a hen night party!

One of my favorite hen night goodies is a wind up willy, you just wind it up and watch the little fell a run along the table, they grow up so fast, don’t they?

There truly are plenty of hen night goodies out there, don’t believe me? Try searching on the internet! For some reason you can get anything on the net!

You can even buy a flashing bra, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to get one for everyone, or whether only the bride gets to wear one. Anyway they look pretty funny because you can see them through your top. You can tell people that they’re very big so you need lights to warn the planes.

One of the most useful hen night goodies is a book that your guests fill with tips for you in married life! Sure 99% of these may be silly, but some will be serious and helpful suggestions.

Everybody should buy the bride to be a silly little hen night gift, if you’re good at making things then you could of course make one yourself! Or you could buy lots of water pistols and shoot at everybody, whether you fill them with water or something else is completely up to you!

You shouldn’t think for too long about hen night goodies, they’re only really a joke. Save all of your time for deciding upon a wedding present!

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