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Hen night presents

Itís traditional for every bride to have one final celebration of being single just before their wedding, this celebration is known as a hen night party. Itís also traditional to give the bride presents, these presents are often silly little things, and not serious presents.

Hen night presents and wedding presents are two very different things, itís very important not to get the two mixed up! Wedding presents are useful gifts that the bride and groom will actually use, whereas hen night presents are novelty items that are more of a joke than a serious present.

The most popular hen night presents seem to be objects that are shaped like a manís genitalia! Yes, thatís right you name it you can get it in the shape of a willy. You can get willy pencils, sweets, pens, and even a hopping wind up willy!

My personal favorite is a bath plug with a willy attached, the idea is that it rises up as you fill the bath. Unfortunately she would notice the willy before she put the water in, but nevertheless, itís a great gift.

All hen night presents are great gifts, but you shouldnít spend much money on one as it could well end up in the bin.

If youíre struggling to find a hen night present that is silly enough then be sure to check out the internet. Just use your favorite search engine and search for ďHen night presentsĒ this will give you loads of suitable online stores, all of which are more than capable of fulfilling your needs.

Although it may sound strange, not everybody likes receiving willy gifts, personally I would love it! These gifts are just designed to embarrass the bride, however they rarely work!

My all time favorite hen night present is the learner plates, they are just like the ones that you stick to your car when youíre learning to drive, however these ones are for the bride to be! The first time I saw them I though it was a brilliant idea! But now itís not so original.

There is a more original use of the L plate however, I have seen a ball and chain (although it is very light) with the learner plate on it. This can be tied to the brideís ankle and should be very amusing for around 10 minutes!

Most hen night party presents are sex related, you can get lots of objects all of which vibrate. There are also inflatable dolls (male and female!), feather bras, water pistols, and of course furry handcuffs!

Just remember to keep the hen night as clean as possible! If the brideís mother is there then you certainly donít want to buy anything that vibrates! No especially not the vibrating willy, thatís far too naughty!

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