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Hen night dares

Everybody only normally has one hen party in their wedding, why is this? Well normally you should only have a hen party if you are getting married, and as you should only do this once it’s pretty obvious!

Every hen night is different, and so it’s very difficult to say exactly what you should do. The activities for hen nights will vary depending upon who is attending and what the theme is.

However no matter what the theme, a great activity is dares, these are exactly the same as when you were children, however they are probably a little more risqué! There are a number of different ways of doing the dares, we will talk about some of them below.

You can play the good old fashioned game spin the bottle. This is one of the easiest because all you need is… yes a bottle! Incase your childhood was too long ago for you to remember this game, let me remind you. Basically you spin a bottle, whoever the bottle lands on must do a dare. The problem with this version of the game is that nobody knows who should make up the dare. You could take it in turns, or you could have a list of pre-designed dares and read them off in order. Another downside with this game is because it’s completely random it can cause some people not to get a turn while others do.

You could play truth and dare, although this is a very childish game it is very funny for use at a hen night! You give the person an option of answering a question or doing a dare. If you think for long enough you can think of some pretty embarrassing questions and dares!

You can buy specialist hen night supplies that help with issuing dares! You can buy lots of spinners, cards, and some dice. The spinners are a little like the wheel of fortune, however with dares! You each take it in turns to spin the wheel and then you have to do that dare. The cards and dice work in much the same way/

But what will you do if somebody doesn’t do the dare properly? Will you just slap their wrists? This isn’t enough motivation! You need to think of some really horrible forfeits if your dares are going to carry any weight.

Remember though, when you are thinking about the dares you will have to do them yourself too! Dares can be a great way to spend the evening, it really helps people open up, and it’s exciting and hilarious a lot of the time!

Have a good time at your hen night, just don’t let it change your mind about getting married!

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