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Hen night poems

Your hen night will only be any fun if other people decide that they want to come. Nobody else will attend your hen night party unless they realize that it actually exists! And even then they will wait to be invited.



Hen night parties are rarely serious, actually theyíre just an excuse to be silly for one last time before you are married! Why else would they be so popular? Most people would never even consider doing half of the things they do at hen night parties!



Because of this, you want your hen night invitations to be interesting and involving. One way of doing this is to write a hen night poem onto your invitation.



Ok, I hear you saying but poetry isnít interesting. I actually thought that this would make more people throw the invitation away than actually come to the party! But then I found out that hen night poems are very different to normal ones! Hen night poems are not serious, not in the slightest little bit!



Hen night poems are often quite naughty little poems that are quite amusing! By putting one of these poems onto your invitation it will not only make the reader smile, but it should also make the invitation a lot more memorable!



We all know how busy our modern lives are, this is why we need things to be memorable. Itís all too easy to put an invitation down and then forget about it, if the poem is good enough then itís likely that the person will be thinking about it all day!



If youíre no good at writing poetry then join the club! You donít need to worry, there are a number of solutions to your problem.



Many of the customized hen night invitations that you can buy have a choice of poem printed inside them. Although this isnít a unique poem, itís still very funny, and they havenít been used that much!



If youíre making your own invitations then you donít really have that option, so in that case you should research on the internet, or buy a book full of poems. There are lots of sites on the internet that have poems that are suitable for hen night invitations.



If you do want a unique poem then you still have two choices, you could either pay somebody to write one for you, or you could write one yourself.



Itís easier than ever to get people to write things for you, you can use one of the many freelancer websites to put you in contact with a writer who is capable of writing your poem for you. Then you can be safe in the knowledge that itís 100% original!



If you write it yourself then itís not only more impressive, but you can also personalize it to your friends. It can be quite difficult, however if you spend long enough on it Iím sure you will find the ideal poem for your hen night invitation!


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