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Hen night packs

Before a woman gets married it is traditional for her to have a party with her closest friends, this is known as a hen night. Anyway because the hen night is the woman’s last chance to enjoy their freedom before getting married they are often quite naughty.

Even if the bride to be doesn’t want a naughty party, it’s very likely that the bride’s friends will make sure that it’s as naughty as possible! It can be quite difficult to come up with suggestions for what to do for a hen night, and even if you come up with some it is near impossible to get everything together.

This is where hen night packs come in, these are packs that contain everything you need for the whole night. You purchase a pack for a certain hen night theme, say “Nurses” and you will receive a pack containing costumes, decorations, and novelty items. Now the only thing you have to worry about is the gifts!

You can order hen night packs from a variety of places, they can be hard to track down in your high street, however they are extremely easy to find online. Just hop online and do a search for them, you’ll find many people offer party packs for all types of occasions, including hen nights!

These packs include things like nurses costumes, police woman costumes, convict costumes. Many of the costumes are made out of PVC, which although not really that comfortable is quite durable, and wipe clean! Most importantly it looks sexy.

Accessories include things like police woman hats (that come in pink too!), a squeaky truncheon, handcuffs and a giant thermometer. You could have great fun with the thermometer if you tried to take somebody’s temperature the most accurate way possible… think about it.

If you’re going as a devil then you can also get a number of the pitchforks, some come with pink glitter! You can even get a veil with devil horns attached, you could wear this for your big day too! If you’re not evil then you probably want to go as an angel, well your in luck you can get plenty of costumes and many come complete with halo, and wings!

If your mother’s not going then you might want to go as a nun, you can get some pretty cool sexy looking nuns costumes! These come in PVC too! You can even buy a crucifix to hang around your neck.

You can dress up as whatever you like for your hen night, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will have a kit to suit your needs. Don’t forget to buy a bum pincher too! Who would want to pinch somebody’s bum when you can get something to do it for you?

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