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Choosing a church or a civil ceremony wedding

If we are talking about our ancestors, there was no marriage without a religious ceremony. Today though things are quite different! With or without a religious ceremony, no marriage can take place without a civil license, because it is the only thing that gives legal standing.

Now, if you opt for a civil or a religious ceremony, it is entirely up to you and your partner. Of course the civil one involves usually less people and money. The signatures of the couple are required along with at least two witnesses and an authorized person who will perform the ceremony. If you or your partner are between 16 and 18, the consent of a parent or guardian is also needed. During the civil ceremony no religious material can be used. That's why you have to check with the Registrar/Superintend register or the authorized person if the readings and any music you intend to have are allowed.

On the other hand the traditional, religious ceremony has to take place in a church or other worship house. If the priest agrees, you can have the Church blessings in any other places that suit you and your partner's wishes (a garden, a park). Although this type of ceremony requires more expenses and time to organize, it is more self-important
(Think of the bride's gown, the bridesmaids, the ring bearer, the vow moment etc) and it is full of meanings if you are a true believer.

No matter if you've chosen or not to have a church ceremony, after the wedding you can have a party with your guests.

Today less and less people opt for the religious ceremony and not necessarily because of the costs, but because the religion doesn't play an important role in their lives.  Or, one of the partners can have a different religion and doesn't want to change it.

The success of your marriage is not based on the type of ceremony you've chosen. And to be happy with your partner is more important than anything!!

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