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Hen night in Brighton

If you want to do something more adventurous for your hen night then itís likely you want to go somewhere different than your local. If you want to go to Brighton for a hen night party then just what could you do there, well weíll take a look.

Brightonís favorite male strip show is called the Adonis Cabaret, this would make an ideal start to the evening! Why not top it off with visiting a great night club.

You can have a go at cheerleading in Brighton, and enjoy a Mexican meal afterwards. If you want something more entertaining then you could go go carting at the cities favorite in door go carting track. You can go as fast as you like without worrying about getting a speeding ticket!

You could even do a pop idol style event where you and your friends all get to pretend to be your favorite pop star, top it off by staying in a swanky hotel, a nice dinner and also a trip to a nice nightclub.

If you just want to relax then why not try one of the many health spas that Brighton has to offer. Every girl loves being pampered and treated like she deserves, the therapists here work wonders!

Food in Brighton is excellent, you can order any cuisine you could think of and you can be sure that itís top notch. Italian food is my favorite, I believe it finishes anything very nicely!

One of my favorite attractions in Brighton is the disco Decker, this is like a pub crawl, only by bus! You visit a night club on the first night, and then you get to visit a number of great night clubs, plus you donít have to walk.

The great thing about Brighton is that itís by the sea. If you like water sports then you will love your hen night in Brighton! You can go surfing, jet skiing, anything you could think of, you can do it in Brighton!

If youíve always been interested in pole dancing, then why not try it out. There are plenty of pole dancing clubs in Brighton that let you strut your stuff! Novices are allowed!

Hen nights in Brighton are great fun, whatever you do, remember to try fish and chips by the sea! Nothing can beat that! Hen nights in Brighton are great fun!

Just remember to book your hotel in Brighton well before the event, they tend to book up very early. If youíve never been to Brighton before then try reading on the internet, or simply ask someone thatís been there before.

Your hen night in Brighton will be a unique party! Just remember to pack everything you will need.

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