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Hen night in Blackpool

It can be difficult to arrange a hen party, there are a number of companies on the internet that can help you to arrange your perfect hen night get away. If you do want to plan it yourself then you will need to get lots of advice.

Blackpool is one of the best places in the whole country to spend your hens night, thereís pretty much any activity that you could think of in Blackpool.

You can bowl in Blackpool, both ten pin bowling and the more traditional form of bowling are available in Blackpool!

Ten pin bowling is great fun for anybody involved, even if youíve never played before why not give it a go? The super bowl is located on Market Street.

If you want a truly unique hen night then you could go flying, Iím not talking about flying a kite either, Iím talking about flying in a plane! There is one airfield that is situated close to the M55, free parking is on the same site, so itís very convenient. All of the instructors are professional pilots, and you might even be able to achieve your private pilots license!

Golf is thought to be more of a mans activity than a womanís, however some women do enjoy it. If you want to play golf in Blackpool then you have a number of locations that you can do so. My favorite is located in Stanley park and contains many natural hazards.

There are plenty of swimming pools in and around Blackpool, who wouldnít like to cool off in the pool? Especially if itís in the summer! Many of them have separate kiddy pools incase anybody is bring any children with them.

If you like motor sports then there are lots of go carting circuits in Blackpool, there are indoor and outdoor carting tracks depending on your preference. The largest one is Kapitol Karting which is near the centre of Blackpool. Thereís even a themed American restaurant which makes for a great day out.

There is one paintball company that I know of in Blackpool, this is sudden impact paintball. If you like to be more active then paint balling is probably great for you. Sudden impact paintball have 9 playing fields, however they still get very busy, you should book in advance to avoid any disappointment. Sudden impact paintball are very busy at weekends, you must book up well in advance for this.

Of course the best part of having your hen night in Blackpool is that itís by the sea! Being by the sea makes it possible to take part in many water sports such as surfing and wind surfing.

Plan your hen night in Blackpool well enough and Iím sure it will be a great experience! Just make sure you avoid going in the casinos!

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